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Heather Land – 'I Ain't Doin' It' Tour


Fri, Jun 15

7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.


Tulsa Performing Arts Center

110 E. 2nd St., Tulsa


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Comedian Heather Land, a single mom who grew up in Tennessee, has a knack for finding the funny in the frustrating. Leaving no stone or situation unturned, she hilariously unravels everyday events, causing audiences to laugh not only at each other, but also (more often than not) at themselves. Her take on topics from ex-husbands to failed diets — delivered in a charming, self-deprecating style — has endeared her to millions of people of all ages. Land burst through the clutter of the online world by posting cutting and witty videos of her hilarious musings filtered through a high-pitched SnapChat voice-changer. Over the course of only a few months, Land’s videos have been shared by celebrities such as Miranda Lambert as well as millions of other fans. Now she's sharing her comedy at live events, regularly selling out venues across the country. What may surprise audiences is that Land also plays the keyboard and sings songs she wrote herself. Many of her pieces are about love and loss. "The truth is, we all deal with loss and we all deal with hurt and heartache," she says. "Sometimes you've got to laugh or you're gonna cry. I've found this way for myself of being able to turn some hurtful situations into humor."