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Feature film screenplay reading: Professor Party


Thu, Nov 17

7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.


Chimera Cafe

212 N. Main Street, Tulsa


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Special reading of feature film screenplay, Professor Party, written by Sloan Davis, Grant Matthew Jenkins and Jeff Van Hanken. Synopsis: Playboy college drop-out, Paul Pardee, is hired by straight-laced Sheffield University to raise their party level. When he teaches students their lessons too well, the campus becomes a party wasteland and may be forced to close by the evil Board Chair. So, Prof. Pardee has to turn things around and bring balance to the party. If he can't, it will mean lights out for old Sheffield U. “Professor Party” was a second-round script selection at the Austin Film Festival and talks have begun to be produced as a feature-length film. The table reading will allow the writers and producers to hear how it plays. Drinks and food will be available for purchase from Chimera!