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Photo: 36 Degrees North | Andrew Brister

Guide to Coworking in Tulsa

Here's an idea: create a community center for entrepreneurs that supports collaborative work and call it "coworking." House the center in an old industrial factory, fill it with flexible desks, and here comes success. This brilliant idea that began in San Francisco during the early 2000's is now a growing trend with thousands of coworking spaces spread across the globe.

For Tulsa's four coworking spaces, the goal is to unite the city's entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers and remote workers so they can grow the community through the sharing of ideas and resources.

For individual members, the goal on a daily basis may be much simpler: shower, dress and work out of the house.

Coworkers are encouraged to welcome mentorship from those around them. Crawl out from behind the screen and allow your creative-minded coworkers into your headspace. Savage Space, located northeast of downtown, tells it like this: "People can sit beside each other and do life together. When they need help, a fresh set of eyes or even encouragement all they have to do is look to the person next to them."

Coworking spaces typically offer various levels of memberships with rates ranging from $20 a day to $675 a month. Membership perks include free wifi, conference room space, 24/7 access, unlimited coffee, free parking and more.

Interested? Consider a tour or attend a free coworking day where guests are welcome to experience the workspace at no charge.

Tulsa Coworking Spaces

36 Degrees North

The Bridge Coworking Space

The Forge Coworking Space

Savage Space