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Tulsa Tedx Talk Guide

TedxUniversityofTulsa is happening March 16, 2018 in the Lorton Performance Center at The University of Tulsa. This year's theme is Footnotes. Footnotes explore the margins of topics and stories, the things that typically go unnoticed and unexplained. The speaker and performer lineup is:

Autumn Slaughter is a poet who uses poetry to look beyond the surface of everyday conversations and communicate the depths of human emotion.

Blake Ewing is a city councilor and businessman who encourages us to create engaging and inviting spaces within our neighborhoods and communities. 

Catherine Aaronson is a student whose experience with her grandparents sheds light on the deficiencies and disparities of the care system facing our elders. 

Danielle Carlotti-Smith is a writer and scholar of French literature who demonstrates the ways in which language and literature act as vehicles to viewing and understanding multiple perspectives. 

DC Hegdale is a maternal researcher who wants to eliminate the taboo of talking about childbirth and allow childbirth to return to its previous status in discourse as an easily discussed women's issue. 

Dean Cantu is a professor whose work explores the ways in which Death has been personified and depicted throughout history and culture. 

Jake Pfarr is a dancer and teacher who wants to impact future generations by demonstrating the remarkable gateway to personal growth the performing arts provide. 

Kari Mirabal is a development specialist whose work helps us to navigate the complications of professional and personal relationships. 

Kathy Plohocky is a pharmacist who wants to challenge our misconceptions of obesity as a cause, arguing rather obesity is a symptom of a larger societal disease.

Lindiwe Sangira is a social justice activist whose life work has focused on advocating for those most on the periphery of society: immigrants and refugees. 

Nehemiah Frank is founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Wall St. Times, who encourages all of us to find our passion and drive for excellence. 

Scott Taylor is an author and artist whose work helps people to liberate themselves from their past and find emotional well-being through the art of story. 

Tracy A. Suter is a professor who demonstrates the way that language can change our perception and help us to succeed.

Tori Burris is a student whose work with physical and mental disabilities has allowed her reevaluate the way society sees, discusses, and treats disability. 

Written Quincey is a writer and performer who uses poetry and prose to explore the theme of time. 

Find out more information and buy tickets at: https://www.tedxuniversityoftulsa.com/