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Photo: Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys at Cain's Ballroom

18 Songs Every Tulsan Should Know

BY Holly Wall

Tulsa has inspired many musical numbers during the years, spanning all genres of music (though most of them decidedly country or rock ‘n roll), some of them Top 40 hits and some all but unknown. Local musicians and national stars alike have crooned about our town. Below are just some of our favorite songs about the city. 

  1. "Coming Down From Spavinaw" by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
  2. “Tulsa Sunday”by Lee Hazlewood
  3. “The Tulsa Shuffle” by The Tractors
  4. “Tulsa Straight Ahead” by Jimmy Hall
  5. “Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa” by Merle Haggard (George Strait version linked)
  6. “Tulsa Queen” by Emmylou Harris
  7. “Tulsa Telephone Book” by Tom T. Hall
  8. “Tulsa Turnaround” by Kenny Rogers
  9. “Tulsa Town” by Dwight Twilley
  10. “Don’t Let the Sun Set On You (Tulsa)” by Waylon Jennings
  11. “High on Tulsa Heat” by John Moreland
  12. “Tulsa” by Rufus Wainwright
  13. “The Last Trip to Tulsa” by Neil Young
  14. “The Day That She Left Tulsa (In a Chevy)” by Wade Hayes
  15. “24 Hours From Tulsa” by Gene Pitney
  16. “Them Tulsa Boys” by Paul Benjaman Band
  17. “Tulsa Time” by Don Williams 
  18. “Take Me Back to Tulsa” by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

Holly Wall is a freelance writer and a native Tulsan who loves ethnic cuisine, live theatre, road trip and running. Curious with a penchant for the quirky, she's always on the lookout for something new to try and a good story to tell.