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The Best Breakfast Spots in Tulsa, Oklahoma

BY Megan Shepherd

We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is! Despite needing something hearty to kick-start our mornings, it can be hard to find quality meals in a rush. Lucky for you, we've found seven Tulsa restaurants that serve quick, easy, locally-sourced breakfasts, so you can eat well every morning of the week.

MONDAY: Kolaches - OK Kolache Co., 1534 E. 15th S., http://oklahomakolache.com

Mondays are hard. Make 'em a little easier with these delicious, pillowy bites from the Oklahoma Kolache Company. With flavors like pork belly and blackberry-sage jam, nutella-banana, house made chicken and apple sausage, and homemade kielbasa and cheddar, the OK Kolache Co. puts a gourmet spin on a simple snack. Even better, they make their breads, sausages and ranchero meat in house from local, farm-sourced ingredients. Call ahead if you're in a rush and they'll have your kolaches waiting, or order a couple dozen for work and have them delivered.

TUESDAY: The Sunrise - Coffee House on Cherry Street, 1502 E. 15TH St., http://www.thecoffeehouseoncherrystreet.com

Next time you stop by family-owned CHOCS for your morning coffee, grab a bite to eat, too. We like the Sunrise, featuring fluffy Fisher's eggs, pancakes made with LOMAH (Land of Milk and Honey) dairy, toasted Farrell Family bread and local sausage or bacon, garnished with oranges. It's a big spread; grab a friend to share it with or save the cakes for later. Don't forget the Doubleshot coffee!

WEDNESDAY: Cinnamon Rolls and Breakfast Biscuit - Savoy, 6033 S. Sheridan, http://www.savoyrestaurant.com

For a pleasant pre-work bite, grab your breakfast from Savoy, where unparalleled kindness, warm hospitality, speedy service and sinfully sweet smells are abundant. The fourth generation, family-run operation has been delighting Tulsa locals for more than 90 years, a testament to the quality of their passed-down recipes and top-notch service. When the wait-staff asks what you’d like, feel free to grab the egg sandwich, featuring crispy bacon and fluffy, full-bodied eggs sourced locally from Fisher's Eggs, stacked on top of a soft, house-made biscuit. Of course, you really shouldn't leave Savoy without a cinnamon roll in hand. To do so would leave you with some serious food FOMO. Stick to the classics with their signature cinnamon roll, or get crazy with the unbelievably delicious pecan drizzled roll. Prefer to take yours to go? Grab a number and they’ll get you on your way in no time.

THURSDAY: Breakfast Tacos and Oatmeal - Chimera, 212 N. Main St., http://www.chimeracafe.com

With a breakfast menu this stacked, getting something hearty and delicious into your stomach isn't going to be a problem—deciding what to order, however, is another story. Serving breakfast every weekday until 11 a.m., until 3 p.m. Saturdays and all day Sunday, Chimera offers a host of unique and filling items with a fresh, and optionally vegan/vegetarian twist. Grab the Back to Primitive Taco, made with local eggs, potato, cheddar, cilantro and chipotle crema, and the Cinderella's Big Score, a taco full of egg, wilted arugula, tomato, feta and chipotle crema. Still hungry? Chimera's Oatmeal of the Day is not to be missed (cross your fingers it's the Triple Spice). Most of Chimera's offerings can be made vegan—just make sure you don't have a nut allergy, as many of their vegan options are nut-based. And don't forget the coffee. With their charming wooden platters and clean, natural aesthetic, a pour-over from Chimera is an experience all its own.

FRIDAY: Sweet Green Smoothie - Nourish Cafe, 1717 E. 17th St., http://nourishdrinkcafe.com

For an easy, one-handed start to your day, a post-workout reboot or a meal rich in fruits and vegetables, swing by Nourish Cafe for a blended breakfast. Specializing in smoothies created with whole fruits and vegetables, Nourish offers grab-n-go smoothies and made to order drinks packed with local produce. Try the Sweet Green, packing loads of antioxidant, hydrtation and alkalizing power in the form of kale, spinach, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, banana, dates and coconut water, or the super local Scissortail Farm Special. Nourish also offers ready-made lunch items like kale salad, tabouli and hummus, and a vegan taco salad to snag on your way to work.

SATURDAY: Scones, Granola, Sausage Roll - Heirloom Bakery,  1441 S. Quaker Ave.,  http://www.theheirloombakery.com/#about-marquee

After browsing the Cherry Street Farmer's Market, pop into Heirloom Bakery for house-made granola, blueberry scones, freshly-baked sausage rolls and Kolaches, and muffins galore. Heirloom Bakery uses meat from local farms, Fisher's eggs and Borden milk to craft their delicacies, and serves piping hot Topecca coffee, the beans for which have been grown on their El Salvador-based family farms for decades. Throughout the year, different offerings will pop up on Heirloom's menu to incorporate the bounty of a particular season, meaning breakfast is a new adventure every season.

SUNDAY: Basic Murito - Brookside By Day, 3313 S. Peoria Ave., http://brooksidebyday.com

BBD has been grilling up breakfast favorites for Tulsans since 1991, and it's amazing that with a track record like theirs, you can still find a new taste at the breakfast hot spot. If you feel like sticking to the tried and true dishes, go for the Basic Murito (though it's more classic than basic). Scrambled Fisher farm eggs mixed with sausage, green onion and cheddar stuffed into a flour tortilla and topped with house-made salsa, sour cream and guacamole mix together for a two-handed breakfast so delicious and filling, you'll have to force yourself to save half for later. The house-made salsa really makes the Murito shine, but if you're feeling sweet over savory, the strawberry banana waffle is a great choice, too.

This article originally appeared in Edible Tulsa, a bimonthly print publication that celebrates the local food culture of the Tulsa, Oklahoma region. For more, pick up the nearest issue at local restaurants and grocers.