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Guide to Tulsa's Haunted Pubs

BY Teri French, Tulsa Spirit Tours

Are the lights flickering, or have you had too much to drink?

Or, perhaps, are you drinking at one of Tulsa's haunted pubs where disturbing behaviors are common? If so, then raise your glass and toast to the ghosts!

One Tulsa woman knows these invisible drinking buddies better than anyone. Teri French created Tulsa Spirit Tours in 2003, yet has been researching Tulsa's eccentric history since 1998. She is also the founder of the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa and the author of Tulsa's Haunted Memories.

This time of year, you can find Teri leading groups on a "spirit filled" tour full of ghost stories, eerie tales and frosty ales. The Haunted Pub Crawl takes to the streets of the Brady Arts District and includes stops at three popular bars located in historic buildings: The Hunt Club, Caz's and Yeti. 

Teri was willing to give Root a quick teaser of each stop along the Pub Crawl, but she encourages those who crave a good spook to visit the Tulsa Spirit Tour site to learn more about this tour, schedules, frequently asked questions and more.

The Hunt Club: The stuffed heads and bodies of taxidermied animals hanging from the ceiling prove The Hunt Club's name is true to form—though the lifelike birds, bears and other fauna that comprise its decor aren't the only dead things that have been witnessed there. Many stories of ghostly activity and strange happenings surround this popular pub which hosts some of the best local music in Tulsa. 

Caz's: As one of the only smoking bars in the Brady Arts District, Caz’s proves the old days of western saloons are not forgotten. You almost feel as if you are stepping back in time, especially if you happen to encounter one of the many entities that still call this pub home. Long forgotten prostitutes of this old $5/night flop house and brothel still tease patrons. And the rowdy, playful roughnecks make for an interesting night of spirits. 

Yeti: A pub named after a mythical creature is already cool. However, this Yeti has been known to have some very strange activity occur to patrons and employees alike. Hair-raising screams, spectral singing and whispers of otherworldly phenomena have been witnessed by so many that the big furry statue creature standing in the corner winds up being a little less intimidating.