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Your Guide to Tulsa's Coffee Shops

Coffee lovers of all types will find a spot in town to suit their caffeine needs. Whether it's to-go in a hurry or to sit and sip slowly, these local shops all pour and serve quality brews in a variety of atmospheres. The bigger question is what kind of vibe are you looking for alongside your beverage?

Scroll down for the full directory below or view a quick cheatsheet here:

For Coffee and..

Locally Made Art and Jewelry: Shades of Brown

A Sense of History: Topeca

Healthy Smoothies: Cafe Cubana

Snuggles and Feel Goods: Nordaggio's

Coffee Talk & Experimentation: Cirque OR Fair Fellow

Dessert and Drinking Al Fresco: Coffee House on Cherry Street

No Nonsense: DoubleShot

Vegetarian Menu Options: Chimera

Board Games: 918 Coffee

Live Music: Gypsy Coffee House

Books and Bagels: The Phoenix

Bubble Tea: Sumatra

Booze: Hodges Bend

Downtown Views: Foolish Things

Crepes: Mod's

Tea: All About Cha

Shopping: Joebot's