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Your Guide to Tulsa's Coffee Shops

BY Root Staff

Coffee lovers of all types will find a spot in town to suit their caffeine needs. Whether it's to-go in a hurry or to sit and sip slowly, these local shops all pour and serve quality brews in a variety of atmospheres. The bigger question is what kind of vibe are you looking for alongside your beverage?

Shades of Brown Coffee and Art, 3302 S. Peoria Ave.

Located on Brookside, Shades combines coffee, local art and music. The eclectic atmosphere  features locally crafted goods for sale, as well as an artist of the month who shows his or her work throughout the space. The vibe is best suited for those looking to sit and sip slowly in the company of friends new and old.


Topeca Coffee Roasters, 507 S. Boston Ave., and 100 E. 2nd St. 

Topeca was one of the first to the local roasting game in town. You can find their beans at either downtown location or being poured at numerous restaurants across town. Topeca baristas are some of the most knowledgeable in town (their Director of Coffee, Ian Picco, won the 2018 U.S. Roaster Championship in Seattle) and would love to talk with you about the different types of coffee they serve and find you a Topeca favorite. 

Café Cubana, 1340 E. 15th St.

Café Cubana is located prominently in Tulsa's historic Cherry Street District. The bright and welcoming atmosphere make Café Cubana a favorite for regulars, who sit and converse at the same time on the same day, week in and week out. The best kept secret here are the smoothies, which are some of the most delicious and healthiest concoctions (try the Protein Jolt). They make for a perfect post-workout meal or snack.

Nordaggio’s, 8156 S. Lewis Ave.

The roasting game is strong at South Tulsa's favorite local coffee shop. While the coffee is serious business, the vibe of this place is all snuggles and feel goods. Nestled in a shopping center near campus, Nordaggio's is a favorite hangout for ORU college students. 


Cirque Coffee, 1317 E. 6th St. 

From limited run coffees to their seasonal blends, all of Cirque (say, "serk") coffees are bent to the unique. They unashamedly roast light and utilize techniques to achieve unconventional roasts. The goal is "wild coffee" and the audience loves it; they've a huge Instagram following (more than 10,000). Enjoy your photogenic coffee to the soft sounds of Bon Iver.


Fair Fellow, 1 N. Lewis Ave.

Located on the liveliest corner of the Kendall Whittier Main Street, Fair Fellow utilizes in-house roasting, which means those who order "for here" are exposed to the ins and outs of coffee prep. The shop hosts the Tulsa Sound Sampler, a second Saturday of the month local music feature. Try the taco truck out back or the Mexican bakery across the street if your belly needs some solids.


Coffee House on Cherry Street, 1502 E. 15th St. 

Fueling the pulse of the Cherry Street District, CHOC has the friendly neighborhood vibe perfected. This coffeehouse is great for those looking for great coffee and dessert. The cases are loaded with cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, cookies and more. Breakfast and lunch are also available. Open mic Wednesday evenings. On Saturday mornings, grab a latte and walk the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. 


DoubleShot Coffee Company, 1730 S. Boston Ave. 

DoubleShot is Tulsa's no-nonsense coffee hub. They take their beans and equipment seriously, pouring some of the best brews in town. DoubleShot's roastmaster ensures their freshness and refuses to sell any roasted coffee that has gone stale. Fresh pastries are made in-house and pair beautifully with the featured coffees. Not a coffee drinker? DoubleShot might just be the place to change that.


Chimera, 212 N. Main St. 

Chimera does many things and does them all well: fine coffee, mixed drinks, beer, wine and fresh, healthy foods. They offer the friendliest vegan/vegetarian menu in town and can make many items gluten-free. The vibe here is welcoming to everyone from sunrise to sundown. If you listen to Tame Impala, you'll like it here.


918 Coffee, 2446 E. 11th St.

Located just south of the University of Tulsa campus, 918 Coffee offers organic, free-trade coffee and teas. Their plethora of activities include board games, occasional vinyl nights and live music every second Saturday of the month. They offer vegan food options, alcoholic beverages and a light, refreshing cold brew made with with notes of floral, sweet molasses and lemon citrus.


The Gypsy Coffee House, 303 N. Cincinnati Ave. 

Built in 1906 for Gypsy Oil Company, the building that The Gypsy Coffee House calls home was one of the first structures in the Tulsa Arts District to breathe new life in the late 90s after years of abandonment. Today, Gypsy's atmosphere is lively and well. Live music is featured most weekends and Tulsa's longest running open mic night kicks off every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches and salads round out the menu at Gypsy. 


Hodges Bend: 823 E. 3rd St.

Hodges sits on the corner of the curved street that makes up downtown's East Village. The drink menu boasts creative coffees, cocktails and coffee cocktails. A curbside food truck prepares bites and large plates (a favorite is the poutine covered in local cheese curds, beef shoulder, and mushroom gravy). Cozy up at the bar, relax on the patio or spread out with friends in a large U-shaped booth. The vintage vibes of this upscale hangout .


Foolish Things Coffee Company, 1001 S. Main St. 

A craft coffee shop on Route 66, Foolish Things sources its coffee from roasters around the country. Drinks are enhanced by the north-facing views of the downtown skyline. In this digital, fast-paced, interconnected age, Foolish Things strives to offer Tulsans a place for rest, reprieve and renewal. They encourage you to brew, sit, sip and savor.


All About Cha, 202 S. Cheyenne Ave. 

Come to experience the world in a tea cup. Located close to downtown's BOK Center, All About Cha specializes in gourmet coffee and tea while also providing breakfast and lunch/dinner menus. The shop offers 15 different coffee drinks, 22 varities of green and black teas, and 30 healthy Korean specialty drinks.


Press Cafe x Yoga, 205 E. Archer St. 

Come for the yoga, coffee smells, or both. The white walls, clean aesthetic and natural light lend for a modern, zen environment. Press pours Topeca Coffee and sells locally-baked pastries daily. As for the yoga, they teach hot vinyasa flow classes throughout the day. Knock out your morning email in the cafe, crush a 60-minute hot vinyasa flow class, and then grab coffee with a friend or take it to-go.