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Love's Lounge, 604 E. Archer Street


604 E. Archer Street

Tulsa, OK


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Clarence Love was born in 1908 in Muskogee, OK and began his jazz musical career in Kansas City forming the Clarence Love Orchestra in 1928. His style of jazz appealed mainly to white audiences in Kansas City. Love moved back to Tulsa when his father died and opened Love’s Lounge, 604 E. Archer Street, in 1948. The club was Tulsa’s first “black and tan” club in the 1940’s where multiracial audiences gathered to listen to locally and nationally prominent jazz musicians. Love owned and operated clubs until 1957 when he returned to the booking business, where he helped to start one of the biggest black booking agencies in the business.

Love was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 1990 and died in 1998.