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Bodean dinedesign 40

Photo: bodean.net

Bodean Restaurant & Market


3376 E 51st St

Tulsa, OK


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Serving the freshest seafood in Tulsa for more than 40 years, Bodean is an upscale, seafood-centered restaurant (and market) that flies fish in twice daily to provide the freshest seafood possible in an otherwise landlocked state. The sleek interior of Bodean is elegant and modern, with a colorful lighting scheme that showcases brightly-hued local artwork. The seafood is the real star here, but Bodean is also amply capable of handling legitimate cuts of Kumamoto Wagyu and pan searing foie gras with the same expertise they prepare the Grilled Rainbow Trout Almondine. Their dining room is also a stage for some of Tulsa’s most talented jazz musicians throughout the week, adding another layer of elegance to an already beautiful ambiance.