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Photo: Courtesy Photo

The Ambassador Hotel


1324 S Main St.

Tulsa, OK 74119


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The Ambassador Hotel, just south of downtown Tulsa on Main, was completed in 1929 to provide a luxury stay for oilmen whose mansions were still under construction. The hotel’s founder, Patrick Hurley, left Tulsa the same year to become Secretary of War under President Herbert Hoover.

The hotel suffered a loss of clientele during the Great Depression, changing ownership and use several times until closing its doors in 1987. In 1999 the hotel was renovated by a group of investors and added to the National Register of Historic Places, as it represents “the best remaining example of a large, multi-story Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival building designed for domestic use in the Tulsa downtown area.” 

Located in the Riverview Historic District, The Ambassador is currently owned by the Marriott Hotel Autograph Collection and features a façade and lobby reminiscent of an Italian renaissance villa, 55 classic-contemporary rooms and The Chalkboard restaurant on the bottom floor.