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Photo: The Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

Riverview Historic Neighborhood


1210 S Guthrie Ave

Tulsa, OK 74119


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The Riverview Historic District’s name came from Riverview Elementary School, which was at 12th and Guthrie. The school building was demolished in 1975, but the district has retained its name. The neighborhood contains houses and apartment buildings constructed between 1911 and 1938 and includes excellent examples of mansions built with Tulsa's early oil wealth. The Riverview area marks the location of the early Creek Indian town of Lochapoka, sometimes called "Tulsie Town" by the white men.

The Riverview neighborhood spans from the Inner Dispersal Loop on the north to 21st Street as its southern boundary. On the east is the Midland Valley Rail right-of-way, and on the west is the Arkansas River.