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Photo: http://www.cavehousetulsa.com

Cave House of Tulsa


1623 Charles Page Blvd.

Tulsa, OK


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The Cave House was built by Joseph R. Koberling in the 1920s as the restaurant, The Cave Garden, complete with stalactites, and was notorious for being the front to a speakeasy during prohibition. It is said the likes of Pretty Boy Floyd and his gang of outlaws would frequent the bar, which is now sealed shut. The hidden room reportedly leads back to the hills behind the house.

There are also supposedly secret passages under and behind the house, sealed off and hidden, where, legend has it, bodies of black victims of the Ku Klux Klan were hidden. Newblock Park, adjacent to the Cave House, is rumored to be the site of a mass grave for victims of the 1921 Race Riot.

The house is reported as having a strong presence of ghosts and locals have shared tales of spirits that wander the house.

Admission is $10 and tours are available by appointment.