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Photo: Root

IDL Ballroom


230 E 1st St.

Tulsa, OK 74103


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The IDL Ballroom, located at 1st and Detroit, bills itself as a “sophisticated and modern event space with limit-less possibilities,” which couldn’t be more accurate. The venue’s one-of-a-kind environment allows for a flexibility in format, and it’s one of Tulsa’s more diverse event rooms.

Being connected to two sister clubs doesn’t hurt, either—Enso Bar is the upscale post for all things beer, cocktail and wine, and Electric Circus is an LED-lit dance club showcasing Tulsa’s finest in house, electro, drum & bass and dubstep.

Whether you’re looking to take in a nationally sought-after show, jump into a dance party or just grab a drink, IDL Ballroom, Enso Bar and Electric Circus have something for every kind of party animal.