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Photo: Valerie Grant

Saturn Room


209 N Boulder Ave

Tulsa, OK


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Saturn Room is a collision of the serious and the trivial. Sophisticated, nuanced cocktails garnished with florid, unwieldy arrangements of fruit and mini umbrellas are crafted by talented professionals who happen to be wearing Hawaiian shirts in a room made to feel like a hut on the beach of some exotic island.

The menu is a combination of new creations and Tiki classics. The popular Mai Tai is an elegant multi-sensory experience. A blend of Rhum Clement V.S.O.P., Myers’s Dark Rum and lime juice form the base, and it’s fleshed out with orgeat (an almond syrup), dry curacao (a traditional French triple sec) and simple syrup. Besides looking pretty, the mint and lime garnishes’ pronounced aromas contribute to the composition of each sip.

Saturn Room’s juices are fresh-squeezed daily, and the various syrups are made in-house. In the future, they plan to add a full-service food menu and some sort of water feature—a staple of Tiki bars. 

Open daily from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.