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American Theatre Company


308 S Lansing

Tulsa, OK


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In the summer of 1970 a group of former University of Tulsa students, under the leadership of Ms. Kitty Roberts, founded what was destined to become the American Theatre Company. The theatre was formed to provide audiences with an alternative to the limited theatre offerings available at that time in Tulsa and to develop a professionally oriented theatrical experience with the aim of establishing a resident company. 

The first season saw the theatre's first touring shows going to other cities in Oklahoma and New Mexico. The second season found the theatre moving from their abandoned furniture store to the Central Library's Aronson Auditorium where they stayed for three seasons. From there ATC moved to a variety of locations before being named the official resident theatre at Philbrook Art Center. During these years, ATC offered touring shows all across the state and educational workshops in schools throughout Oklahoma.

In the late 1970s, ATC became the only nationally recognized resident professional theatre in Oklahoma. In 1979, the company began doing shoes in their "second state" at the Brook Theatre. The Brook and ATC are credited with the revitalization of the Brookside area in Tulsa. ATC occupied the Brook Theatre for eight years for consolidating at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

For a calendar of current and upcoming shows, visit the American Theatre Company website