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Photo: http://www.oxleynaturecenter.org

Oxley Nature Center


3452-3676 Mohawk Blvd.

Tulsa, OK 74115


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Located within Mohawk Park, the Oxley Nature Center offers hiking trails that are open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (when the center’s gates are closed, just park outside them and climb over to access the trails). All in all, there are nearly nine miles of trails, which lead wanderers through forests, fields and wetlands. Many of them are flat and wide enough to be wheelchair and stroller accessible, although bicycles are not allowed. A must-see is the Blackbird Marsh, where a 600-foot boardwalk allows for up-close observation of aquatic flora and fauna.The Nature Center houses hands-on exhibits, a classroom, a small library and wildlife viewing area, restrooms and drinking fountain, a small gift shop, staff offices and other work areas. First-time visitors may want to stop by to pick up a map of the trails and chat with staff.Added bonus to visiting Oxley? The Tulsa Zoo is just down the road.