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Photo: TulsaFood.com

Ike's Chili


1503 E 11th St.

Tulsa, OK 74115


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Since its beginning (circa 1908), Ike’s has transitioned with Tulsa from oil field days to Route 66 days to current days, where some contend that Tulsa’s best bowl of chili can still be found at Ike’s. 

Ike’s guest list includes locals that dine weekly at their favorite table along with some Hollywood types, including actress Peggy Cass, actor Gary Busey and even Will Rogers who, according to some reports, was late to a speaking engagement at the Mayo Hotel because he opted to eat a bowl of Ike’s best before he made his way to the podium.

Today, Ike’s boasts specials seven days a week that include all of the fare that has made Ike’s famous. Of course, Ike’s menu still includes favorite such as Three Way (chili, beans and spaghetti) and Ike’s Fries, hot dogs and chili Coney’s. 

Enjoy some Tulsa history – and a great bowl of chili – Monday thru Friday 10am-7pm, Saturdays 10am–3pm.