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Photo: Root

Claud's Hamburgers


3834 S Peoria Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74105


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The smaller, simpler the building and decor, the bigger and better the burger, right? Claud’s, on Brookside and across the street from Weber’s, certainly fits this adage. A tiny white building with iconic green signage, Claud’s is a tight space with an open kitchen where you can sit at the counter watching patty-flippers hustle over the hot grill. You don’t go to Claud’s for the atmosphere, but for the old-fashioned burgers they’ve been preparing since 1954.

The double-patty isn’t actually two patties but a heftier single patty. The grilled onions are a 100 percent mandatory upgrade – even for those who don’t normally like onions. The burgers are a handful to chow down. Share fries with your group and order more as needed, because you don’t pay until after you eat your food at Claud’s.

Like Weber’s, Claud’s is a Brookside institution and a point of pride for many Tulsans. I thought the burger was good, but you be the judge of who serves the better burger on Brookside. Try one and then head across the street for the other – now that makes for a filling Saturday!