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Linda-Mar Drive-In


1614 W. 51st St.

Tulsa, OK


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The Andy Griffith Show, in all its 1960s black-and-white TV glory, blares in the small eating area at Linda-Mar Drive... on repeat. This perfectly encapsulates the Linda-Mar experience. A time capsule with greasy burgers and lunchtime regulars is fittingly located at 51st and Union near the intersection of highways 75 and I-44. Linda-Mar opened in the late ‘60s, named for the proprietor’s daughters Linda and Margaret.

The double cheeseburger towers over a heaping basket of seasoned fries. Muscle memory forces your burger into your mouth because your eyes are transfixed on the charming Opie and Andy. Suddenly, your arteries are jolted back to reality as you take the first bite. A lightly toasted, butter-soaked bun envelopes a hearty double patty with pickles, onions, lettuce, mustard and tomatoes. The subtle crunch of the bun is unexpected and very much welcome. Like any good doubleburger, the cheese in between the two patties melts over the sides of the bun.

Unique to Linda-Mar are the deep-fried cheese balls, another staple of this west side joint. What Linda-Mar may lack in atmosphere, they make up for in charm and damn good food. Linda-Mar isn’t the idealized version of the 1960’s burger joint with waitresses on roller skates serving malts and onion rings; it’s the real deal: no-fuss authenticity and slovenly delicious.