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Weber’s Superior Root Beer Restaurant


3817 S. Peoria Ave.

Tulsa, OK


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Weber's charming roadside burger stand remains a veritable Brookside staple. The family-owned institution opened in 1933, making it the longest-running business on the Brookside stretch of Peoria. Sharing a parking lot with a strip mall, Weber’s is essentially an indoor walk-up window with enough room for about five people to stand in line and less than eight people to eat indoors at the counters.

Served the old fashioned way, the thin bun, thin patty burgers are best with onions, mustard and pickles. Make sure to get a double patty with cheese; the cheese melts between the patties for a greasy and godly culinary experience.

You are not allowed to leave Weber's without a refreshing, ice-cold mug of homemade root beer. Don't be bashful—order the 32 ounce. Hell, splurge for the root beer float. Don't be shocked if the lunch hour line wraps around the building. My advice? Call in your order and plan to eat outdoors at the picnic tables or bar top. You can watch the cars drive up and down Brookside, returning to a simpler time while grazing on one of the best burgers in the Tulsa area.