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Photo: Root

Hank's Hamburgers


8933 E. Admiral Place

Tulsa, OK


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The greasy waft of air that greets you at Hank’s Hamburgers floats heavy with tradition. In the same location since 1955, this Route 66 burger stand is true Americana. Linoleum floors, mustard yellow booths, red and white plaid curtains, Hank’s is no fluff and pure classic. Photos and article clippings detailing the establishment’s history (including a photo of singer-songwriter Waylon Jennings chowing down on the main fare) adorn the walls.

Hank’s perfectly sized burger comes on a crunchy, toasted bun. Cheese melts between the patties and the combination of grilled and raw onions is perfect. This burger comes standard: lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard, on top of the onions and cheese, and is surprisingly less greasy than expected. When you press the bun together, your hands will be free from the river of artery-clogging lipids that normally ooze out of these classic burgers. I’m sure there’s plenty of grease inside, but it’s nice not to have it all over your hands. I was pleased to see they serve fried okra, a veggie favorite of Oklahomans.

Hank’s holds a supreme place in Tulsa Burger Heaven and is a must-stop on your classic burger tour.