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Photo: Root

Harden’s Hamburgers


432 S. Sheridan Road

Tulsa, OK


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Harden’s burger joint is a bright, busy and more family-friendly spot to enjoy some greasy grub and milkshakes. Although it was founded in 1939, Harden’s has adapted with the times and put quite a bit of work into its Route 66-inspired dining area. With Americana accouterments scattered about and a large flat screen TV providing the soundtrack to your meal, both seating and visual stimulation is plentiful. A covered outdoor patio is also available.

Order the Men’s Double Cheeseburger, served the same as it’s always been with mustard, pickle, raw onions and special Harden’s seasoning. This burger is open to people of all genders, but this is an old school burger joint and sometimes you pay homage to a less nuanced generation. (A Girls Quarter Pounder is also available.) This compact burger melds all the ingredients together beautifully, sealed by the grease and locking in flavor. But the meat is the shining star, as it should be. The server told me that the meat arrives fresh daily, never frozen. The onion rings are fried in batter from Tulsa’s famed White River Fish Market.

Harden’s brings the comforts of the 21st century to the dining room, while not compromising on the recipes created in 1939. The dining experience is charming, with the good ol’ fashioned burgers starring as the main attraction.