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Photo: Root

Bill’s Jumbo Burgers


2002 E. Admiral Blvd.

Tulsa, OK


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Bill’s Jumbo Burgers sits nestled along I-244 a few blocks off on the old Route 33 in Tulsa’s Kendall Whittier neighborhood. If Harden’s Hamburgers is the place to take the kids, Bill’s is the place to take your dad or favorite uncle. This place is as authentic as it gets – no frills, fuss or polish – so don’t judge Bill’s from the gravel parking lot. Step inside and you’ll quickly discover what the beef is all about.

Other than a few coats of primary-colored paint during the years, the small hut that houses Bill’s hasn’t seem many updates since opening in 1960. But a loyal customer base and a strong family heritage in the burger world keep the fryers and grills bubbling. Namesake Bill was a restaurant partner with Hank from Hank’s Hamburgers before splitting off to open Bill’s Jumbo Burgers.

From your stool at the five-seat counter you can watch the cooks grill enormous patties while you devour some soft, fresh cut fries. Bonus points to Bill’s for the best fries on my "Greasers" tour. The burger is huge (not surprising considering the establishment’s name). It’s one of the more charred burgers, which gives it really great flavor. Adorned with tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard and cheese, this burger keeps your focus on the food in front of you during the entire dining experience.