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Arnold’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers


1722 W. 51st St.

Tulsa, OK


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You don’t find many classic Wurlitzers around anymore and Arnold’s plays the classics. This West Tulsa hotspot opened around 1990 but recreated a great 1950’s vibe for weary roadtrippers and locals alike. The classic diner setup with blue booths and neon lights makes it easy to settle in at Arnold’s. The proprietor, reading the Holy Bible while meticulously cleaning up after customers, thanked each and every customer on their way out.

Speaking of holy, that is the only way to describe the onion rings at Arnold’s. Golden, crispy, rich and flaky, these onion rings are perfect. The burger is marvelous too – lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and mustard – classic Tulsa-style. Greasy in a good way and wrapped neatly in quaint yellow paper, the sandwich is a big one but worth the conquest.

But perhaps the best feature on the menu are the creamy malts and milkshakes, and sweet and tangy cherry limeades.

Drive through or eat in and bask in the nostalgia.