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Photo: Brooke Allen | EdibleTulsa.com

Nordaggios Coffee


8156 S. Lewis Ave. , Suite C

Tulsa, OK


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"Never again will I skip over a bean based solely on its place of origin. It’s just one example of the highly unique coffees—each with a story of its own—that Nordaggios imports regularly to the Tulsa market and parts of Arkansas and Texas." - Zac King, for Edible Tulsa

With increasing options in Tulsa’s ever-evolving coffee scene, it’s easy to get lost among bean varietals, origins, roasting techniques and brewing methods. Beginning in 1998, Nordaggios offers complex and diverse coffees that stand on their own, with minimal trappings—just a handful of brewing methods and two syrups. [The owners] are eager to share their knowledge and excitement with patrons and they welcome questions about their products’ origins and defining characteristics. For curious coffee drinkers, an intellectual journey can accompany each cup.

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