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Crybabyhill tv

Photo: Tulsa Voice Staff

Cry Baby Hill


1225 S Lawton Ave

Tulsa, OK 74127


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If you haven’t heard about Cry Baby Hill, then you’re in for a funky surprise. It’s one of those things in life that is hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Tailgating. Music. Costumes that would make Mardi Gras blush. Mild-mannered, mostly SFW debauchery and a rolling wave of enthusiastic support for the racers. These are a few of the ingredients that make Cry Baby Hill.

So you don’t embarrass easily? So you think you’re a wild child? So you think you know how to cheer on bike racers? Bring it to Cry Baby Hill. You’ll see things you can’t unsee, and you’ll never have more fun.