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Photo: Root

Utica Square


21st Street and Utica Avenue

Tulsa, OK


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In its conception, developers of Utica Square knew the village-like design needed to be inviting, without alienating neighboring residents. Despite perceptions that this new concept was risky, Utica Square opened on May 22, 1952 as Tulsa's first suburban shopping center.

Helmerich & Payne, Inc. purchased Utica Square in 1964. Almost immediately, Mr. Walter H. Helmerich, III commissioned the planting of more than 300 trees. It was a decision that would literally shape the personality of the Square.

Store buildings were constructed in a variety of architecture styles; Williamsburg, Georgian, Country French and contemporary. More than 5,000 individual craftsmen lent their talents to the completion of the Square.

Bronze sculptures do their part to reveal treasured pieces of the Square's history, while fountains, gardens, clocks and holiday decorations add to the beauty of the area.