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Topeca Coffee Roasters


100 East 2nd Street

Tulsa, OK 74103


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Topeca is one of the few companies in the world with fully vertically integrated seed to cup model. The Topeca family grows the coffee in El Salvador where they can oversee every step of the process. They have their hands in every step of process from planting the coffee plant to hand picking the ripest cherries to roasting it here in Tulsa and serving it in their own shops.

If you're a coffee enthusiast you might check out one of Topeca's First Saturday tastings or Coffee Geek classes, while professionals should check out their Coffee Campus offerings, which include workshops and classes that highlight technique and instrumentation.

Get your fresh coffee brewed by Topeca's trained baristas at one of their two downtown locations inside the Mayo Hotel or the Hyatt Regency, or at Hodges Bend