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Early Tulsa: Lochapoka

BY (Debo Tulsa 5) (Franks 33) (Goble 17)

The Upper Creek clan called Lochapoka was Tulsa’s first citizens. The Lochapoka (Place of Turtles) originally lived in a small village called Tallasi/Tulsa when they were living in Alabama pre-removal.

Historian Danney Goble explains the layout of the Lochapoka’s new town site situated adjacent to what is now called The Creek Council Oak. He writes, “With the oak defining a southeastern corner, the people of Lochapoka proceeded to lay out, with painstaking exactness, a new square for their new home. When it was complete they solemnly scattered the ashes so carefully carried with them, lit a new fire, and began the many ceremonies that marked the end of the old life and the beginning of the new.”