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Villa Philbrook

BY http://www.tulsapeople.com/Tulsa-People/March-2011/Tulsa-rsquos-25-most-notable-Homes/

After working for his brother, Frank Phillips, in Bartlesville, Waite Phillips moved to Tulsa in 1918 and soon purchased 23 acres of farmland transected by Crow Creek from two Indian brothers. In 1925, he hired Kansas City architect Edward Beuhler Delk to design an Italian Renaissance-style villa. The result included glittering white stucco-exterior walls made possible by the inclusion of ground marble in their fabric. Meanwhile, a Kansas City landscape architect, Herbert Hare, was engaged to design the gardens on the grounds. In 1938, Waite Phillips moved to California and donated his villa and gardens to Tulsa as an art museum. Since then, Philbrook Museum has expanded the residence, adding galleries, classrooms, a gift shop and a restaurant, while retaining the distinctive details of the original space.