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Photo: Courtesy Robert Jordan

Early Tulsa: "Whiskey Caves"

BY http://www.arcadiapublishing.com/9780738507811/Tulsa-Where-the-Streets-Were-Paved-With-Gold

"Whiskey caves" dotted the Arkansas River upstream from Tulsa in Cleveland, which was a "wet" Oklahoma territory. The area boasted 13 saloons and 2 distilleries inside its city limits. Bootleggers would purchase liquor in Cleveland and float it downstream to Tulsa, then hide it in caves until it could be sold in Tulsa, located in "dry" Indian Territory.

As featured in “Tulsa: Where the Streets Were Paved with Gold" written by Clyda R. Franks and published by Arcadia Publishing, best known for its iconic "Images of America" series, which chronicles the history of small towns and downtowns across the country.