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Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Oklahoman

Bartlett Square Fountain

Bartlett Square Fountain at Fifth Street and Main Street in downtown Tulsa has seen many variations during the years. The Square is named after Mayor Bartlett's father, Dewey F. Bartlett Sr., who served as an Oklahoma State Senator, Governor of Oklahoma, and a U.S. Senator.

In 1979, George Nigh took the governor's oath at the fountain when Fifth and Main was known as the Main Mall and only allowed pedestrian traffic. Office workers would sit in the Square to eat lunch and enjoy the fresh air. The fountain featured multiple levels and pools for kids to splash in during downtown community events. For many years the fountain was empty and only skateboarders made use of the feature.

In 2005, the entire intersection was redone to allow vehicle traffic and the fountain was rebuilt as a small circular fountain at the center of the roundabout. However, after years of being struck by vehicles, the Bartlett Square Fountain was significantly damaged and was covered in wood until renovation plans were made. 

Finally, in 2014 a new fountain was displayed that featured nine water jets springing from openings in the round structure. LED lights illuminate the fountain at night. Tulsa firm Howell & VanCuren designed the plans for the fountain. The City contracted with Voy Construction for this $448,000 project. Funding for the project has come from Vision 2025 funds for historical markers and $100,000 in insurance claims from damage to the previous fountain.