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Photo: The Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

Tulsa Club Building

BY http://tulsapreservationcommission.org

Built in 1927, the 11-story Tulsa Club Building was designed by Bruce Goff. It was built through the joint effort of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and the Tulsa Club. The first five floors of the building were occupied by the Chamber and other business organizations while the top six floors and the roof garden were inhabited by the Tulsa Club. The Tulsa Club contained dormitory rooms on the sixth floor and a men’s lounge on the eighth floor. The club also had a gymnasium and barber shop. The club’s interior had Art Deco ornamentation including fireplace tiles. Built of Bedford stone, the original 5th Street entrance was designed with abstract detailing above the doorway.