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Arkriver 19 goh

Photo: Gaylord Oscar Herron

Arkansas River: A Photo by Gaylord Oscar Herron

BY Photography of Gaylord Oscar Herron Tour by Mason Whitehorn Powell

Pictured: The Arkansas River from 19th Street. Herron has always had an artistic interest in Riverside. When A Gathering Place is complete, a new landscape will be provided for Herron’s photography.

"Tulsa is a bend in the Arkansas river, the same bend Washington Irving maneuvered in 1832 with a small expedition. They camped for a couple of days near the bend of a hilltop where Irving wrote in his diary: 'It seems to me as if these beautiful regions answer literally to the description of the land of promise ... a land of milk and honey.'"

- Gaylord Oscar Herron. Vagabond. 1975. Penumbra Press.