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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa

BY http://www.pittok.com

Founded in 1998, the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (P.I.T.T.) is a group of researchers fascinated by the afterlife who dig into Tulsa's urban legends and creepy past.

In the past decade the P.I.T.T. team has hosted a local television series, assisted the Travel Channel Network with its haunted-themed productions in the area, and has been featured on local and national shows like Discover Oklahoma.

Today the P.I.T.T. team is not quite as visible. With the saturation of paranormal researchers in the community, the team "feels recent growth has caused a saturation of thrill seekers which has compromised the integrity of the paranormal research field." P.I.T.T. founder Teri French-White focuses her passion on the "Tulsa Spirit Tours," a haunted history tour of downtown Tulsa.