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Gg lights

Photo: Guthrie Green

Guthrie Green’s LED Lighting

BY Ryan Howell, Guthrie Green Staff

The stage, dock and grounds of Guthrie Green are primarily lit using LED lights. LEDS (light emitting diodes) are unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs because they don't have a filament that will burn out, and they don't get especially hot. They are illuminated solely by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material, and they last just as long as a standard transistor. In other words, diodes are made of a positively charged material sandwiched next to a negatively charged material. When electricity is applied to the diode, it encourages the negative and positive ions in the separate materials to come together but in order for the positive and negative ions to come together and bond they must let go of a photon. A photon is the light we see being emitted from the LED.

In terms of savings, Guthrie Greens mainstage has more than 60 LED lights which can each change to a variety of colors at any time during the show. Conventional stage lighting cannot be changed automatically. LED lights have an estimated 50,000 hours of life compared to conventional lighting with just a few hundred hours per bulb and LEDs are 80 percent more energy efficient.