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Photo: The Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

Appeal to the Great Spirit

A smaller replica of sculptor Cyrus Dallin's The Appeal to the Great Spirit was placed in Tulsa's Central High School in 1917. 

Take note, students, for legend has it that if you rub the horse's muzzle, it will bring you good luck - particularly before taking an exam. 

The original 1907 equestrian statue by Dallin is on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It depicts an American Indian on horseback, face tilted skyward and arms outstretched.

In 1985, Central High School dedicated a 10-foot-tall replica of Appeal to the Great Spirit to the City of Tulsa. The statue stands on the corner of Woodward Park at 21st Street and Peoria Avenue.