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Bell's Amusement Park

Bell's Amusement Park was an amusement park located in Tulsa's Expo Square. It operated for 55 years before closing in 2006. The park was especially known for its large wooden roller coaster, the Zingo.

Robert Bell built a miniature train around his Tulsa house in 1948, and for a time ran children's rides at the Admiral Twin drive-in. In March 1951, he started the amusement park at the Fairgrounds with a small collection of rides and amusements including a three car train and a Shetland pony ride. This would later grow into a family-owned amusement park with several dozen rides and attractions.

The park was forced to relinquish its position at Expo Square at the end of the 2006 season when the county did not renew its lease.

Today, the former site is a parking lot and most of the rides from Bell's sit dismantled in a Tulsa warehouse.